寺名 覚照山 慶明寺
宗派 臨済宗 妙心寺派
ご本尊 薬師如来




〒651-2255 神戸市西区平野町慶明97

TEL・FAX tel.078-961-0126 fax. 078-961-2430


沿革2.JPG当山は臨済宗妙心寺派のお寺で、弘安四年(1281年)法外圓和尚によって開山されたお寺です。山号は覚照山、寺号は慶明寺です。ご本尊には薬師如来様をお祀りしており、古文書などにも古くから「平野町 慶明」の地名があることから考えると、古来よりこの地で地元の人々から信仰され、大切にされてきたと考えられています。

当山創建以前の歴史も古く、「播磨鑑」によれば、花岡山にかつて「今昔物語」にも登場する平安時代の陰陽師 安倍清明(921~1005年)が居を構えていたとも言われ、同書には清明手植えの松の絵も描かれています。

手植えの松は残念ながら近年消失していますが、境内には清明が自ずから刻んだと伝えられる梵字3字を彫刻した石碑が残っています。阿弥陀三尊(阿弥陀如来、観音菩薩、勢至菩薩)を表すこの梵字が彫刻された石碑の下には、かつてこの花岡山にいた悪党 花岡太郎の霊が荒れ狂った際、清明が梵字を刻み、この石の下に封じ込めたと伝えられています。

また、安土桃山時代に活躍した宇喜多秀家公(1572~1655)も当寺に縁の深い人物であります。秀家公の父、宇喜多直家公は備前の国の武将でした。直家公亡き後、秀家公は「秀」の字を名に許されるなど豊臣秀吉に寵愛され、猶子となって、秀吉の養女であった前田利家の娘 豪姫を正室に迎えています。秀家公は関ヶ原の合戦で活躍し、のちに八丈島で83歳の天寿を全うしています。現在、宇喜多家の墓所が当寺霊園にあり、宇喜多家の血脈を伝えています。

History of Keimei-ji Temple

Keimei-ji Temple is one of a group of Myoshinji-temple of the Rinzai
Sect. It was founded by a priest named Hougaien in the fourth year of
the Koan era, (1281). The temple is also called Kakushou-zan.

This temple is dedicated to the Healing Tathagata. The location of
the temple, Hirano-cho Keimei, can be found in ancient documents
illustrating that the main image of the Healing Taathagata. Therefore,
The temple is thought to have been worshipped by local residents from
ancient times. Even today people continue to worship the Healing

The site had had a long history before the temple was founded as
Keimei-ji Temple. According to the book Harima Kagami, (teachings
handed down in Harima Area), Abe Seimei (921~ 1005) is said to have
once lived here in Hanaokayama. Abe was a yin-yan diviner and he was
written about in Konjaku-monogatari, the biggest anthology of Japanese
ancient narrative stories.

Actually, a picture of a pine tree planted by Abe himself at the site
is drawn in Konjaku-monodgatari. Though the pine tree was
unfortunately lost in a fire recently, a stone monument with three
Sanskrit characters Abe legendarily inscribed still remains. These
three letters stand for the three Buddihist deities; Amidabh
Taathagata, Avalokitesvara (or the Buddihist deity of mercy), and
Seishi Bodhisattva (or Seisi Buddihist). It is said that under the
stone monument, Abe trapped the evil spirit of the villain, Hanaoka
Taro after the spirit went on a rampage.

Keimeiji-Temple has a deep connection with Ukita Hideie, who was
active in the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1572-1655). His father Ukita
Naoie was a warlord in Bizen country. After Naoie died, his son was so
cherrished by Toyotomi Hideyoshi that he was given the letter "Hide"
for his name, just like Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Hideie was adopted by
Hideyoshi and married Princess Go. She was the daughter of Maeda
Toshiie and was Hideyoshi's adopted daughter. Hideie was active in
the battle of Sekigahara. After that, he lived out his 83 years on
Hachijo Island. Today, the family plot of Ukita is in Keimei-ji Temple
cemetery, to prove the family line of the Ukitas.